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The Full Story

David Waxman and Felix Jafif love innovation and fostering it. They are visionaries for the many ways we can organize our lives to generate profit and create prosperity. Maintaining a healthy work and life balance is the foundation of their latest business venture called Homeoffs. 







The Great Resignation is a choice millions of business professionals have made in the United States. They have chosen entrepreneurship, freelancing and working remotely. So, the way they work has changed. Along with this change came a shift away from the traditional office and corporate culture. Professionals have been dispersed to work wherever they can get work done. 


David and Felix recognized this dispersion as a power shift with its own challenges and opportunities. They envisioned and built a sophisticated business club to serve this growing community of ambitious professionals who chose to work for themselves. Homeoffs opened its doors in 2022 as a power center drawing entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers and business travelers to meet, network, negotiate, impress, learn, share, execute and profit in business. 


Homeoffs is a multi-functional social club attracting members through a variety of exclusive services that meet the needs of today’s business climate - a beautiful outdoor social lounge for private events, concierge services to perfect the unique needs of diverse businesses, private offices, comfortable and light-filled conference rooms, an app for ease in time management, and a business friendly meeting place for general gathering and socializing. There’s nothing like it on Miami Beach. Come and feel the power of businesses coming together in a beautiful and bright venue for taking your business to the highest level.

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